Announcing: “Ancient Worlds: Egypt”

It has been a while now, since I have started the development of Ancient Worlds: Egypt. I am super excited to announce it to the world!

I have a special place in my heart for the games based on which this title was inspired. I used to watch my dad play Caesar III on our first computer when I was a little kid. Then I started playing it. And I was pretty bad at it. It took a couple of years of brain development until I was able to get better.

I believe that those games are very unique and it is a bit sad seeing that they were forgotten.

Not only the graphics surprisingly stand the test of time (except for the user interface), but their complexity is unmatched to this day. I have no issue with games that are simple or more simple than they used to be, but there is something in me that misses that kind of depth.

It was always my dream to create my city builder in that style and now it is happening! screenshot from the early version of Ancient Worlds: Egypt What is the game about?

In the game, you will have to build cities in Ancient Egypt. It might not sound like the most complex task, but it can get overwhelming quickly.

Not only you will have to make sure that your city won’t collapse or burn to the ground, but you will also have to make sure your people are happy, prevent riots, diseases and fight off enemy forces. Produce enough food and resources for your people without going bankrupt. Build your cities on unforgiving terrain. Avoid making gods angry. Trade, construct monuments, deal with environmental disasters, plagues, and fulfill requests from your kingdom. How is it different?

Let’s be honest, gaming has advanced a lot since 90’s and there are many problems with the original games that will sway away majority of players. In my game, first and foremost I want to fix all the small things to make life easier. I aim to do that by implementing better user interface, control scheme and providing with many small, quality of life features.

Gameplay wise, the biggest change is the possibility to manually assign paths to any service workers. It is optional, and you can also let the AI try to find its way, or design housing blocks using roadblocks. You can also set custom target for producers.

In terms of the worker pool, the community is split, and so am I! I have decided to design the game with local worker pool, so that each building will send a unit, the goal of which is to find housing and workers. However, there will be a setting in the game letting you to disable that and use a global worker pool.

Missions are great, however, I lacked more sandbox options in the original games. There will be more focus on sandbox gameplay through bigger maps, random events, procedurally generated world map, and missions.

Historical accuracy is nice, but there are a lot of things one can do when we step away from it a little bit. Aside from historical campaign, there will also be a fictional one, which will allow for some fun concepts for the gameplay. One thing I love about making games, is pushing the mechanics to the limit and I want players to be able to experience that.

I also want to have plenty of options to decorate your city. It should not only function, it should also look nice!

I am not sure how far will the modding support go, but as a base, players will be able to make custom maps, edit the game files, including graphics and music, add custom buildings, units and modify existing ones.

When does the game release?

It is too soon to say at the moment. I will update you on how it develops.

I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I do!

You can join my discord server if you want to stay updated, and maybe even exchange some opinions.